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our Core

Our founders are cybersecurity veterans who have each spent two decades consulting for and building some of the industry’s biggest companies. During the meteoric rise of crypto across Asia in the mid-2010’s, they were asked by cryptocurrency exchanges who suffered devastating attacks to perform incident responses and forensic audits. After investigating many attacks, they realized the best way to help would be to leverage their team’s combined 100+ years experience in cybersecurity to build CYBAVO VAULT–a secure, robust digital asset management platform.

CYBAVO VAULT’s defense-in-depth approach delivers an all-encompassing blockchain security solution–from core technology, to system design, to end-user devices. We invest considerable resources to provide transparency about our security posture through third party security assessments and penetration testing.


CYBAVO is proud to hold ISO 27001, SOC 2, and NIST certifications, along with patented encryption technology. We complete regular security reviews, including SDLC, code reviews, penetration testing, application vulnerability assessments, and more, and provide comprehensive insurance policies against cybersecurity breaches and other specific events.

IS 747041

Distributed Risk & Responsibility Model

A unique model that separates the authority to approve transactions from the responsibility of securing private keys - eliminating single points of failure from both internal and external bad actors.

MPC Technology
Private keys are generated and secured via Multi-Party Computation, a cutting-edge cryptographic technique that ensures private keys are never exposed during use.
Policy Engine
Organizations can configure multi-level m-of-n approval policies that are automatically enforced. Purpose-specific user roles are assigned to aid in policy enforcement and provide a comprehensive audit log.
Full-Stack Hardware Protection
Private keys and approval policies are effectively secured from compromise through a custom-hardened security stack, stripped to reduce and remove attack surfaces, run in a sandboxed environment, and monitored 24/7.
Security Seal
A cloud-based security layer that leverages cryptographically encoded communication and a one-time password infrastructure to verify policy adherence before broadcasting transactions via CYBAVO’s managed blockchain nodes.
User Identity & Integrity
A custom-built multi-factor authentication app that binds, checks, and verifies the identity of each user for every transaction approval. User and device integrity are monitored to ensure authentication you can trust.

Founding Member of MPC Alliance

The mission of the MPC Alliance is to improve data security and privacy through the implementation of the secure cryptographic technology of multi-party computation (MPC).

CYBAVO shares the belief that many current and emerging online markets will benefit from MPC and working together as an alliance will help to accelerate awareness, mitigate barriers, and encourage adoption for greater privacy and security of online services.

CYBAVO helps you integrate and build on the blockchain with confidence.

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