Blockchain Cybersecurity

Blockchain cybersecurity refers to the security function of a network powered by a distributed group of computers, also called “nodes,” that store information in blocks, which is also known as “distributed ledger technology.”

The primary goal of blockchain security is to secure the integrity of a chain network by maintaining data accuracy through a consensus mechanism. In this model, the nodes store and share every bit of transaction information from blocks with each other to check if they reflect the same state of the blockchain.

This is one of the most effective models to ensure cybersecurity. While blockchains are not 100% secure from attackers, it is capable of ensuring high-grade data integrity and accuracy.

A malicious node is one that attempts to edit or delete a certain set of information stored in blocks. And if any node in the network tries to cheat the system, it can easily be identified because the blockchain has a record of all the transactions made in the network, including every data modification.