Yubikey support for Authentication is now available in CYBAVO VAULT

Yubikey security keys support has been added to CYBAVO Authentication App for user authentication

發佈於 Dec 24, 2019 | 部落格

Yubico Secure Keys Yubikey support is added to CYBAVO Authentication App

CYBAVO announced today that Yubikeys support has been added to CYBAVO VAULT for user authentication.

Yubikeys are a type of security keys developed by Yubico. Security keys are hardware keys used for authentication, and represent a step forward in security, leaving passwords as a thing of the past. Apple just announced that Apple iOS13.3 will support 5Ci Yubikey authentication for Safari. From today Yubikey is also supported on iOS and Android versions of CYBAVO Authentication App.

CYBAVO just added support for Yubikeys

Passwords by itself are no longer a safe authentication method, as they present several weaknesses. Passwords can be stolen or guessed. An attacker can design more or less sophisticated attacks for password phishing, or perform brute force attacks to log into password based systems. Passwords leave room for users to reduce its already limited security, as users tend to choose short or simple passwords, and very often reuse the same passwords on different sites (causing that stealing a password on a single site could compromise the access to several sites).

During the last years Multi-factor authentication (MFA) methods are becoming more common for online service login. Multi-factor requires the combination of two different authentication methods. One example is a combination of user/password plus a unique code sent to the users mobile. Major service providers are already provide different sorts of MFA methods.

CYBAVO Authentication App, designed to provide secure MFA for CYBAVO VAULT enterprise wallet, combines push notifications with PKI technology for user authentication, together with an added protection based on biometrics such as Face ID or Touch ID. From this version, CYBAVO Authentication App allows Yubikey owners to bind their keys to authenticate into CYBAVO VAULT system.

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