CYBAVO Wallet Turnkey Solution and CYBAVO Wallet App launch

發佈於 Jul 3, 2020 | 部落格

CYBAVO Wallet SDK 2.0

It has been already 18 months since we launched CYBAVO Wallet SDK, our mobile app wallet solution for end users. During this time, multiple companies and projects have adopted our solution, providing us with very valuable feedback that we have gathered to improve the platform.

Today we are happy to announce that we just launched CYBAVO Wallet SDK 2.0, named CYBAVO Wallet App Turnkey Solution, adding plenty of new features on top of the wallet function from the first version:

  • CYBAVO Wallet App Turnkey Solution is fully adapted to the abi calling interface used by DAPPs, providing the easiest integration between your DAPP and your wallet.
  • EOS meta transaction function has been added. You can now pay for any resources required by the user transaction, solving the common congestion problem on the EOS chain.
  • The new “ETH transaction acceleration or cancellation” feature allows you to accelerate or cancel a transaction when the Ethereum chain is congested, and the transaction cannot be packed by miners for several days.
  • We have also added smart contract deposits and withdrawals. All transaction records will be displayed and can now trigger push notifications, allowing users to be fully aware of all transactions in the wallet.
  • Added complete ERC721 transaction support, to solve even the most troublesome token display problems of ERC721.

CYBAVO Wallet App Turnkey Solution management platform keeps the original features from CYBAVO WALLET SDK 1.0, including daily currency and user transaction limits configuration, as well as a powerful log and transaction statistics to see at a glance the status of all your users.

CYBAVO Wallet App Turnkey Solution now also includes a complete wallet app code, together with a complete background management interface, making it the perfect turn-key solution to offer a cryptocurrency wallet for your customers from day 1.

Think about a killer name for your app, ask your designers to change the color palette and place your cool logo, and you are ready to go! Your business will already have a crypto wallet for your customers!

We have also launched CYBAVO WALLET APP on Google play and Apple Store, so you can use the wallet app first hand. Although this app does not include all functions that the Wallet SDK offers (features such as transaction drawing, DAPP calls are not included in the app), CYBAVO WALLET APP is a good showcase of the possibilities of what you can do with Wallet SDK.

Google play: CYBAVO Wallet - A pure cryptocurrency wallet

Apple store: CYBAVO Wallet

Unlike the traditional centralized and decentralized mobile wallet solutions, CYBAVO Wallet App Turnkey Solution uses the unique ZeroKey concept, where the user keeps the absolute right to use the private key, without having to worry about the loss and backup of the private keys.

During the onboarding process, the user only needs to select a PIN code, and does not need to write down any mnemonic words for the key recovery. The private key is securely stored by the service provider, encrypted by our shared responsibility model involving three parties: the service provider, the end user, and CYBAVO as third party trustee. By leveraging a threshold signature achieved by the shamir secret sharing mechanism, only coordination between the three parties will be able to decrypt the private key.

This means that the user keeps the absolute control of the digital assets, while your company shares the responsibility of keeping the private keys, eliminating the key storage liability from the user end and providing a worry-free experience. As the user does not need to worry about the private key storage, the onboarding process of your customers will be faster than any other solution in the market, removing any friction in the installation, and increasing the adoption rate.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about how CYBAVO Wallet App Turnkey Solution can help you start providing crypto services to your customers, or download the application now to test our ZeroKey technology.

Download the wallet app from Google Play and App Store from the following links:

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Download CYBAVO Wallet on iOS Download CYBAVO Wallet on Google play