發佈於 Jul 26, 2022 | 部落格


Continuing to share the results of the hard work our engineering team has put in, CYBAVO is pleased to announce our support for the Axelar network.

Axelar network is a platform for builders, providing a decentralized network and tools that help connect Dapp builders with multiple blockchain ecosystems. Developers can leverage the Axelar network to provide their users with frictionless cross-chain communication, similar to HTTP/HTTPS protocols on the web.

Axelar network is permissionless, meaning anyone can join the network to use it and build use cases spanning from NFTs and DeFi, to gaming, or automated market makers, and more.

With Axelar on the CYBAVO platform, users can now:

  • Store and manage AXL in their CYBAVO VAULT
  • Include AXL in transactions, including scheduled and batch transactions
  • Stake AXL directly on the VAULT platform

CYBAVO supports over 1,000 tokens and 38 protocols, with more on the way. See the list of supported protocols on our homepage, or get in touch with us to learn how you can begin scaling and securing your crypto treasury.