CYBAVO & Poseidon Network officially announce Strategic Partnership

發佈於 Aug 30, 2019 | 部落格

Poseidon Network has officially announced a partnership with CYBAVO  - a Singapore company providing blockchain security and private key management solutions. Poseidon Networks will leverage CYBAVO’s private key management services to secure its platform & on-chain technology.

Continuous hacks on exchanges, causing the loss of millions of dollars in cryptocurrency prove that cryptocurrency management-level cybersecurity is an issue that cannot be ignored by institutional entities such as banks. These companies and other institutions implementing blockchain services for their business must consider security as an essential part of the solution.

CYBAVO is a leading Blockchain security provider. The team is formed by information security industry leaders. The company’s custody platform CYBAVO VAULT -  is trusted and adopted by many large international exchanges, digital asset custodians and stable currency companies. The company’s turn-key platforms drastically reduce the time-consuming process of securely deploying blockchain services. With their extensive experience, CYBAVO will help POSEIDON to create a flawless and secure blockchain service.

POSEIDON is a global decentralized P2P infrastructure combined with CDN hybrid blockchain application platform. The close hardware relationship with QNAP enables the company to provide CDN software for customers, also adding layer-2 blockchain technology. Their well-known customers include the Catino Forum, Pandora Audio and Video and nearly 20 companies.

This partnership will enable Poseidon Network to offer its blockchain-based decentralized CDN services protected by the highest standards of security provided by CYBAVO private key management technology.