CYBAVO and SlowMist announce blockchain security partnership

發佈於 Apr 11, 2019 | 部落格

CYBAVO and Slow mist announce a strategic partnership focusing on blockchain security

CYBAVO and SlowMist Technology have announced a strategic partnership focusing on reinforcing the security in the blockchain ecosystem. Both companies will work closely in different lines like public blockchain security research, third-party component security issues, encryption algorithm and 0 day vulnerability detection in cryptocurrency. SlowMist will also audit CYBAVO solutions security to ensure they comply with the highest internal security standards.

CYBAVO provides secure turn-key solutions for private key storage and management, including a corporate cryptocurrency wallet, a wallet app SDK and a secure full blockchain node service. CYBAVO turn-key solutions have been designed and developed by its team of cybersecurity experts to provide integral security to its users, with the purpose of eliminating the risk of private keys (and crypto assets) loss due security breaches introduced by the integration of multiple systems by security-unaware developers.

SlowMist provides security solution such as security consulting, auditing, defense systems, threat intelligence (BTI), vulnerability detection and other security services. Researchers from the company have discovered important vulnerabilities which has granted the company global recognition from the industry. SlowMist customers include cryptocurrency exchanges, wallet providers, smart contract developers and other public blockchain projects.

About CYBAVO Pte. Ltd.


CYBAVO Pte. Ltd. was founded in 2018 by experts from IT security, blockchain and digital currencies’ industry. The company is formed by developers and researchers with solid experience in the security and cryptocurrency fields.

The focus of the company is to provide secure and usable cryptocurrency storage and management solutions and services for enterprises and financial institutions. The company portfolio offers different solutions for cryptocurrency exchanges, digital asset managers or custodians.



About Xiamen SlowMist Technology Co., Ltd.

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Xiamen SlowMist Technology Co., Ltd. is a cybersecurity consulting firm, founded by a team of security experts with more than 10 years of front-line cybersecurity defensive experience in numerous companies such as Google, Microsoft, W3C, The Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China, Tencent, Alibaba or Baidu. The company is the first consulting company in China focusing on blockchain ecosystem security.

The company’s achievements have been acknowledged by global security conferences such as Black Hat. With core technological capabilities of security audits, defense deployment and underground threat intelligence tracking, SlowMist delivers threat intelligence, security audits and defense deployments for exchanges, wallets and smart contracts around the world.