Deposit Wallet API

Create Deposit Addresses

Create deposit addresses on certain wallet. Once addresses are created, the CYBAVO SOFA system will callback when transactions are detected on these addresses.

Verify Deposit Addresses

Verify that these addresses belong to a deposit wallet.

Query Deposit Addresses

Query the deposit addresses created by the Create Deposit Addresses API

Query Deployed Contract Deposit Addresses

Query deployed contract deposit addresses created by the Create Deposit Addresses API.

Query Pool Address

Get the pool address of a deposit wallet. The pool address has different functionality in different cryptocurrencies.

Query Pool Address Balance

Get the pool address balance of a deposit wallet.

Query Invalid Deposit Addresses

When an abnormal deposit is detected, the CYBAVO SOFA system will set the deposit address to invalid. Use this API to obtain the all invalid deposit addresses for further usage.

Query Deposit Callback Detail

Query the detailed information of the deposit callback by the tx ID and the vout index.

Resend Deposit/Collection Callbacks

The callback handler can call this API to resend pending, risk-controlled or failed deposit/collection callbacks.

Query Deposit Wallet Balance

Get the deposit wallet balance.

Update Deposit Address Label

Update the label of the deposit address.

Query Deposit Address Label

Query the labels of the deposit addresses.

Query Delegated Address Balance

Query the balace of delegated addresses.