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CYBAVO Exchange Solution Overview

The quickest and easiest way to begin accepting cryptocurrency payments automatically is CYBAVO SOFA. Your payment gateway or cryptocurrency business can be started in minutes by just a few simple HTTP GET and POST requests, CYBAVO SOFA Exchange Solution handles the key points of receiving cryptocurrency payments for you.

For example, you might need to generate many unique addresses for different payment behaviors. These addresses will be generated and monitored by CYBAVO SOFA automatically. CYBAVO SOFA will notify your server by a callback when a payment occurring on the address. CYBAVO SOFA also provides a complete and user-friendly interface from where you can easily check all the information related to your wallets and addresses, including:

  • Address list, from where you can check at a glance the balance of each address, and sort them by the amount value.

  • Deposit callback history, displaying the status information of each callback, and enabling you to resend the callback automatically or manually to avoid being lost if your server is under maintenance.

  • API call history, to help you to easily debug and trace all your api calls.

  • Flexible collection policy settings, to help you automate the collection of all the cryptocurrency funds scattered in many addresses to a collection address defined by you. Most settings are fully configurable, for example you can set the btc confirmation block to 1-3, instead of the default value 6.

  • Complete collection history, to easily track the funds collection flow.

CYBAVO SOFA not only provides the deposit wallet management for receiving payments, but also the withdrawal wallet management for sending the cryptocurrency automatically and safely.

Withdrawal policies can be configured, like easily adding a hierarchical threshold signature level. For example, you can set a multilevel approval where in a first level, anyone requesting to withdraw more than 1 BTC, will need the approval of John or Alice (1-of-2), with an additional second level for requests above 10 BTC, where the approval of all David, Steven and Robert (3 of 3) will be required. You can fully customize this approval chain to make it match your own organization fund management requirements.

CYBAVO SOFA is offered as SaaS for an easy and instant service activation, and as an on-premise solution to be hosted on your own infrastructure.

If you want to test it first hand, request a free trial account now.

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This guide can help you quickly integrate with the CYBAVO SOFA REST API.


The CYBAVO SOFA REST API helps you process cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal easily and securely.


The tools facilitate CYBAVO SOFA REST API integration and test.