CYBAVO Now Supports: Tezos

Posted on Aug 5, 2022 | ブログ


CYBAVO now supports Tezos, the open-source proof-of-stake blockchain that is known for its unique ability to self-amend.

The Tezos blockchain is designed to evolve itself over time by using on-chain mechanisms to upgrade its protocol. By allowing token holders to vote on the future development of the blockchain and progressing through the protocol’s self-amendment process, Tezos can avoid the hard fork issues of other blockchains and continually improve.

With Tezos now on the CYBAVO platform, users can:

  • Secure store XTZ in their CYBAVO VAULT
  • Manage XTZ in their treasury operations, including scheduled transactions and balance sheet reports
  • Expect further support for XTZ

CYBAVO supports over 1,500 tokens and 44 protocols, and we are always improving our protocol support. See the full list on our homepage, or get in touch with us to learn how you can begin managing your crypto treasury with CYBAVO.