CYBAVO now supports Solana and SPL Tokens!

Posted on Mar 11, 2022 | ブログ


CYBAVO is excited to announce support for Solana and SPL Tokens! 

Solana is a layer 1 smart contract blockchain that has grown in popularity due to its low transaction fees (less than 1 cent per transaction) and fast transaction times (processing over 60,000 transactions per second). Solana’s smart contract capabilities have been embraced by developers, who have built over 50 dApps on the blockchain.

CYBAVO users can now:

  • Manage Solana’s native SOL token and SPL tokens in CYBAVO VAULT
  • Deploy SOL token and SPL token support to retail customers and users
  • Support USDC on Solana
  • Stake SOL tokens within CYBAVO VAULT (April 2022)

CYBAVO currently supports more than 35 protocols and 1,000 tokens. Visit our website to learn more about our token support and product offerings.