Posted on Jul 8, 2022 | ブログ


We at CYBAVO have been working diligently to increase the number of protocols we support. Today, we’re excited to kick-off a series of posts sharing the result of our labor, starting with Algorand tokens.

Algorand is a pure proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain, providing a fast, scalable, and cost-efficient protocol for its users. All transactions - from the first to the 10 millionth - executes in under 5 seconds, for a fraction of a penny. These attributes allow Algorand, its ALGO coin, and its ASA tokens to support a diverse range of use cases, including its own DeFi and Dapp ecosystems.

With CYBAVO joining forces with Circle, we were keen to support the Algorand protocol and contribute towards the goal of enabling easy movement between traditional banks and card networks to USDC digital dollars.

From today, CYBAVO customers are now able to:

  • Self-add Algorand Standard Assets (ASA) onto the CYBAVO platform
  • Self custody ASA in their CYBAVO VAULT
  • Store and transfer USDC on Algorand

CYBAVO supports over 1,000 tokens and 38 protocols, with more on the way. See the list of supported protocols on our homepage.