How can your solution help my company?

Our Enterprise Wallet Manager optimizes cryptocurrency storage and management for the enterprise. Our solution securely stores your crypto assets, and provides an intuitive interface to handle those assets, allowing you to create wallets, users, assign spending policies and define whitelisted addresses.

Who is in control of my crypto assets?

You are. The private keys are stored encrypted and isolated in our secured Key Management module, located in your company’s premises.

Who has access to my keys?

Only you. No one besides the wallet owner can retrieve the private keys, reducing the risk of internal theft. All the payment process has been designed to limit the key access to their sole owner.

How does your solution protect my keys?

Your keys are stored highly encrypted in a Key Management module, isolated from other networks to reduce the risk of intrusion. Our solution runs in highly secured computers running a hardened operating system. Every transaction policy and permission, as well as whitelisted address, is cryptographically signed in order to make sure that no attacker can tamper these policies to try to steal your funds.

Can I create different wallets for different coins?

Yes, you can create as many wallets as you need and define a currency for each one of them.

What cryptocurrencies does CYBAVO support?

Our Enterprise Wallet Manager supports a broad number of the most common cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. Our protection technology is independent from the underlying currency, so we are regularly adding support for an increasing number of currencies.

Can I install your wallet on my mobile?

CYBAVO Enterprise Wallet Manager is a solution designed to fulfill corporate cryptocurrency storage and management requirements, so our customers are mostly companies and public administrations.

How can I start using Secure Enterprise Wallet Manager?

Contact us through our contact form or mail us to info@cybavo.com.