Enterprise Blockchain and Decentralized Ledger Private Key Solution

Secure Private Key Management
for Enterprise Blockchain Applications

Blockchain technology is able to solve the data consistency challenges that the supply chain industry has been facing traditionally, problems such as low transparency or unreliable sources.

At the same time, blockchain itself presents some limitations in terms of identity management, private key management, ease of deployment, flexibility, among other issues.

VAULT X is an enterprise blockchain solution focused in solving these problems to enable blockchain-based supply chain solutions tackle the traditional supply chain challenges in a secure and efficient way.

Benefits of using blockchain in the supply chain

Transparent, traceable and<br>immutable information
Transparent, traceable and
immutable information

Once published to the blockchain, information cannot be tampered, and it can be traced back to its source. This is essential to resolve the trust issue from traditional supply chain infrastructure.

Instant and easy<br>information exchange
Instant and easy
information exchange

Supply chain up and downstreams can access the blockchain to obtain real-time information. Data exchange between businesses no longer requires transfer through EDI, making the access to the information faster and more convenient.

Improved efficiency and<br>lower verification costs
Improved efficiency and
lower verification costs

All data on the chain can be verified instantly by any party, solving the problem of isolated data between enterprises, and helping to achieve a higher overall supply chain efficiency.

Challenges faced by blockchain applications for the supply chain

Lack of reliable authentication

Only secure authentication can enforce the accuracy of all the information on the chain.
Blockchain can solve the problem of data tampering, however, it cannot solve the problem of incorrect data being published on the chain. The lack of a reliable identity verification mechanism in place can lead to false or useless information flooding your blockchain.

Single-level approval

Only a system that allows multiple authority levels of approval and signature meets the needs of real use cases.
Current blockchain signature mechanisms (both single signature or multisig) only provide same-level authority approval and signature.
In real world scenarios the importance of different levels of authority in the approval process is critical, so the lack of a configurable multi-layer, multi-signature mechanism limits the full range of benefits that blockchain can introduce to maximize the efficiency in the supply chain.

Different blockchains to solve different needs

There are different blockchains available. Each one of them helps address different needs, but once selected, it is usually difficult to migrate from one blockchain to another. Whether it is a consortium or a private chain such as HyperLedger, Corda or Quorum, different customer needs may lead to different choices. High adaptability is surely a challenge.

What does VAULT X provide?

Secure Authentication
Secure Authentication
  • Complete and robust user identity verification
  • Passwordless authentication for frictionless access
  • Customized authentication app with your branding
  • FIDO 2.0-ready: Make your system FIDO 2.0 compliant to meet the needs of financial companies such as banks
Robust multi-level authority private key management
Robust multi-level authority private key management
  • Patented shared responsibility private key management system
  • Business-ready, fully customizable multi-layer and multi-signature private key management
  • Secure and frictionless signing process
Turn-key solution
Turn-key solution
  • High adaptability and fast deployment
  • Support alliance chains and private chains including HyperLedger, Corda, Quorum, etc.
  • One-click deployment and easy integration
  • Full customization and blockchain applications and smart contracts deployment is available
What does VAULT X provide?