Query Withdrawal Transaction State

Check the withdrawal transaction state of certain order ID.


GET /v1/sofa/wallets/{WALLET_ID}/sender/transactions/{ORDER_ID}

Response Body

Field Type Description
order_id string The unique ID specified in sender/transactions API
address string Outgoing address
amount string Withdrawal amount
memo string Memo on blockchain
in_chain_block int64 The block that contains this transaction
txid string Transaction ID
create_time string The withdrawal unix time in UTC

Sample Request



Response Body

  "order_id": "1",
  "address": "0xaa0cA2f9bA3A33a915a27e289C9719adB2ad7d73",
  "amount": "1.11",
  "memo": "",
  "in_chain_block": 1016603,
  "txid": "db0f3a27de564a411aeff1d2cb3234c54817de1ecc2258a510a50c5a1063d41c",
  "create_time": "2020-03-16T10:27:57Z"

Sample cURL Command

curl -X GET http://localhost:8889/v1/mock/wallets/{WALLET_ID}/sender/transactions/{ORDER_ID}