Query Vault Wallet Transaction History

Get transaction history of vault wallets.


GET /v1/sofa/wallets/{WALLET_ID}/transactions?from_time={FROM}&to_time={TO}&start_index={START}&request_number={COUNT}&state={STATE}

Query Parameters

from_itemint64optional, default 0Start date (unix time in UTC)
to_itemint64optional, default current timeEnd date (unix time in UTC)
start_indexintoptional, default 0Index of starting transaction record
request_numberintoptional, default 1000, max 5000Count of returning transaction record
stateintoptional, default -10 WaitApproval
1 Rejected
2 Approved
3 Failed
4 NextLevel
5 Cancelled
6 BatchDone
-1 All states for inquiry

Response Body

transaction_countintTotal transactions in specified date duration
transaction_itemarrayArray of transaction record

Error Code

HTTP CodeError CodeErrorMessageDescription
403-Forbidden. Invalid wallet ID-No wallet ID found
403-Forbidden. Header not found-Missing X-API-CODE, X-CHECKSUM header or query param t
403-Forbidden. Invalid timestamp-The timestamp t is not in the valid time range
403-Forbidden. Invalid checksum-The request is considered a replay request
403-Forbidden. Invalid API code-X-API-CODE header contains invalid API code
403-Invalid API code for wallet {WALLET_ID}-The API code mismatched
403-Forbidden. Checksum unmatch-X-CHECKSUM header contains wrong checksum
403-Forbidden. Call too frequently ({THROTTLING_COUNT} calls/minute)-Send requests too frequently

Sample Request



Response Body

  "transaction_count": 3,
  "transaction_item": [
      "issue_user_id": 3,
      "issue_user_name": "wallet owner (user@gmail.com)",
      "description": "TO SND",
      "wallet_id": 48,
      "wallet_name": "BNB I",
      "wallet_address": "tbnb1655kasahedvaeudaeq6jggr7kal8qgwygu9xqk",
      "token_address": "",
      "txid": "3E6D61D1D39FA5DD3B86C2C28FFAD3D98CD7AFDB62346468D3C4FFE710CAAF85",
      "currency": 714,
      "currency_name": "BNB",
      "outgoing_address": "tbnb1f805kv6z8nq2whrcnkagjte3jjss2sxf2rfls0",
      "outgoing_address_name": "BNB SND",
      "amount": "2",
      "fee": "0",
      "txno": 100087,
      "approval_item": [
          "approval_id": 3,
          "approval_user": "wallet owner (user@gmail.com)",
          "approval_time": 1562210142,
          "user_message": "",
          "level": 0,
          "owner": 1,
          "confirm": 1,
          "state": 2,
          "error_code": 0
      "state": 2,
      "create_time": 1562210129,
      "transaction_time": 1562210142,
      "scheduled_name": "",
      "transaction_type": 0,
      "eos_transaction_type": 0,
      "real_amount": "2",
      "chain_fee": "0.000375",
      "platform_fee": "0",
      "tx_category": "",
      "memo": "TO SND"

Sample cURL Command

curl -X GET 'http://localhost:8889/v1/mock/wallets/{WALLET_ID}/transactions?start_index=0&from_time=1559664000&to_time=1562255999&request_number=8'