Verify Addresses

Check if the address conforms to the wallet cryptocurrency address format.

For example, ETH must have the prefix 0x, BTC should start with 1, 3 or bc1, etc.


POST /v1/sofa/wallets/{WALLET_ID}/addresses/verify

Post Body

addressesarrayrequriedSpecify the address for verification

Response Body

resultarrayArray of addresses' verification result
must_need_memobooleanIndicate whether the address needs a memo / destination tag when transferring cryptocurrency to that address

Error Code

HTTP CodeError CodeErrorMessageDescription
403-Forbidden. Invalid wallet ID-No wallet ID found
403-Forbidden. Header not found-Missing X-API-CODE, X-CHECKSUM header or query param t
403-Forbidden. Invalid timestamp-The timestamp t is not in the valid time range
403-Forbidden. Invalid checksum-The request is considered a replay request
403-Forbidden. Invalid API code-X-API-CODE header contains invalid API code
403-Invalid API code for wallet {WALLET_ID}-The API code mismatched
403-Forbidden. Checksum unmatch-X-CHECKSUM header contains wrong checksum
403-Forbidden. Call too frequently ({THROTTLING_COUNT} calls/minute)-Send requests too frequently
400112Invalid parameter-Malformatted post body

Sample Request



Post Body

  "addresses": [

Response Body

  "result": [
      "address": "0x635B4764D1939DfAcD3a8014726159abC277BecC",
      "valid": true,
      "must_need_memo": false
      "address": "1CK6KHY6MHgYvmRQ4PAafKYDrg1ejbH1cE",
      "valid": false,
      "must_need_memo": false

Sample cURL Command

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"addresses":["0x635B4764D1939DfAcD3a8014726159abC277BecC","1CK6KHY6MHgYvmRQ4PAafKYDrg1ejbH1cE"]}' \