Enhanced Digital Asset Management Experience with CYBAVO

Posted on ene. 12, 2023 | BLOG


Since 2018, CYBAVO has supported established enterprises and pioneering Web3 startups with digital asset management. The state of digital asset management has evolved during that time, from storing digital assets with approval workflows enforcing transactional integrity to programmatic high-volume movement of funds, staking idle assets, deploying and managing smart contracts, connecting to DeFi, and more. To bring the usability of our product on par with its robust functionality, we’ve made sweeping UI enhancements to the CYBAVO Platform.

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of version 2 of the CYBAVO VAULT, with a cleaner user interface and smoother performance.

Staking Assets With Ease On Different Protocols

Staking is a notable example of the impact our UI enhancements have on user experience. Staking varies by protocol - staking AVAX is different from staking ATOM, with different processes and requirements. As we expanded staking support to 12 protocols, we identified the need to make the process of staking on CYBAVO more uniform. We wanted to keep staking idle assets to generate passive rewards on CYBAVO simple, secure, and easy to manage.

From a single interface, users have instructions on how to stake assets on the protocol, an overview of their staked assets, and the tools to manage their staked assets. While the process of staking on each protocol changes, the flow on the CYBAVO platform remains consistent across all protocols. This helps to keep the complexity of staking on CYBAVO low, as our staking support continues to expand. For a list of protocols we support staking for, visit our homepage.

AVAX Staking

See It In Action

We offer a platform that delivers advanced tools and features to help you harness the power of blockchain technology and build in Web3 in a reliable, secure, and flexible manner. Get in touch if you’d like to learn more about CYBAVO and want to see how the UI enhancements look in action, or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.