CYBAVO Now Supports: Arweave

Posted on ago. 8, 2022 | BLOG


CYBAVO is proud to announce the enablement of API support for Arweave and its native AR token.

Arweave is a blockchain focused on making information permanence sustainably possible. All of the content on the Arweave network, from images to full applications, is stored in a decentralized manner to facilitate data permanence and quick retrieval. The AR token reached a peak market cap of $2.88 billion in 2021.

AR is already available to CYBAVO customers in their VAULT and transaction management operations. With this update, our customers can also:

  • Include AR in retail use cases through Cashflow Manager
  • Automate AR transactions via API without compromising on security
  • Sign data via API to further scale operations

CYBAVO supports over 1,500 tokens and 44 protocols, with more on the way. See the list of supported protocols on our homepage, or get in touch with us to learn how you can begin scaling and securing your crypto treasury.