CYBAVO Now Supports: 44 Protocols and 1,500+ Tokens

Posted on ago. 12, 2022 | BLOG


CYBAVO began releasing our most recent slate of protocol support updates in July, and we are beyond proud to say that we now support 44 protocols and thousands of tokens.

Our commitment to provide expansive access to the wider crypto ecosystem enables our users to participate in more communities, broadening their offerings and contributing to the health of Web3.

As of right now, our customers can safely custody and manage their assets on:

Algorand / Osmosis / Agoric / Axelar / Solana NFTs / Tezos

They can automate treasury workflows and extend access to retail markets for:

Cosmos / Arweave / Solana

And stake their longer term assets from the safety of their VAULT wallets for passive rewards on:


See our full list of supported protocols on our homepage, or talk with us to learn how we help businesses harness the power of Web3 in a reliable and secure manner.