CYBAVO discusses digital asset custody at DAXPO 2019 panel

Posted on sept. 17, 2019 | BLOG

CYBAVO participated in digital asset custody panel at DAXPO Busan 2019

CYBAVO shared its views and experience as digital asset custody technology provider in a panel at DAXPO Busan 2019. The panel gathered a representation of custody service and technology industry experts to discuss the current state, challenges and the future of digital asset custody. 

The panel “Safeguarding customer assets: the role of the crypto custodian” was formed by Jeffrey Song from Coinplug as moderator, Kayvon Pirestani from Coinbase, Alexandre Kech from Onchain, Roberto Machado from CYBAVO and Glenn Woo from Ledger.

DAXPO Busan 2019 gathered digital asset industry experts and regulators

DAXPO (Digital Asset Exchange Expo) 2019 was organized by Coindesk and gathered in Busan (South Korea) a large number of digital asset regulators, industry leaders and policy experts from all around the world to discuss about the future of the industry and the current challenges being faced by the companies in terms of regulation and policies, service, technology and security from a cross-border perspective. It was a great opportunity for the sector to discuss about the impact of the recently introduced Financial Action Task Force (FATF) new recommendations. 

CYBAVO provides a digital asset custody platform for enterprise and protects the digital assets of more than 16 companies, including top two cryptocurrency exchanges in Taiwan. CYBAVO was invited on the stage to share its team’s experience and challenges protecting more than $550M in digital assets transactions.