Withdrawal Wallet API

Withdraw Assets

Withdraw assets from a withdrawal wallet.

Cancel Withdrawal Request

Query Latest Withdrawal Transaction State

Check the latest withdrawal transaction state of certain order ID.

Query All Withdrawal Transaction States

Check the all withdrawal transaction states of certain order ID.

Query Withdrawal Transaction Event Logs

Query event logs of a withdrawal transaction by transaction hash.

Query Withdrawal Wallet Balance

Get the withdrawal wallet balance. Facilitate to establish a real-time balance monitoring mechanism.

Query Withdrawal Callback Detail

Query the detailed information of the withdrawal callback by the order ID.

Set Withdrawal Request ACL

TSet an authorized IP to the withdrawal request ACL dynamically.

Resend Withdrawal Callbacks

The callback handler can call this API to resend pending, risk-controlled or failed withdrawal callbacks.

Query Withdrawal Whitelist Configuration

Query the whitelist configuration of the withdrawal wallet.

Add Withdrawal Whitelist Entry

Add an outgoing address to the withdrawal wallet’s whitelist.

Remove Withdrawal Whitelist Entry

Remove an outgoing address from the withdrawal wallet’s whitelist

Check Withdrawal Whitelist

Check the withdrawal whitelist entry status in the withdrawal whitelist.

Query Withdrawal Whitelist

Used to query some kind of callbacks within a time interval.

Query Withdrawal Wallet Transaction History

Get transaction history of withdrawal wallets.

Sign Message

Sign message, equivalent to eth_sign.

Call Contract Read ABI

Executes a contract read ABI call.