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Built to help institutions secure, protect, and manage digital assets with confidence.
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Built to help institutions secure, protect, and manage digital assets with confidence.
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Crypto Treasury Management Done Right!

CYBAVO's institutional wallet uses a Distributed Risk and Responsibility model to deliver process-oriented transaction authorization, granular policy definition, and transparent oversight for the effective management of digital assets.

Custom Policy Engine
Generate custom policies for each wallet:
Address whitelisting
User group authorization
Limit max transaction value
Time-based transaction constraints
Threshold Signing
Custom transaction approval chains:
Configure multiple approval levels
Each level requires m-of-n approval
Each approval act is cryptographically bound to a specific user
Role-based Access
Separation of duties ensures security:
Creators define wallet policies
Operators execute transactions
Approvers approve or reject transactions
Auditors monitor transaction results

Unleash the power of Web3

CYBAVO VAULT offers built-in tools to connect and interact directly with different blockchain ecosystems while enforcing adherence to internal workflows, providing AML intelligence, and delivering corporate oversight.

Exchange & DeFi Integration
Import 3rd-party Exchange API keys:
Rapidly shift funds between exchange accounts
Securely move in and out of positions on DeFi
Manage token allowance to deauthorize compromised DeFis
Run Smart Contracts
Unprecedented Smart Contract Security:
Run smart contracts from inside the CYBAVO VAULT
Secure smart contract execution with threshold approval
Mint and burn tokens and NFTs
AML Solution Integrations
Connect to top AML solution providers:
Leverage the VAULT’s built-in AML mechanism
Integrate with AML giants like Ciphertrace or Scorechain
Define risk levels and warnings based on intelligent assessment of transaction criteria

Focus on building your business

Streamline and automate essential daily tasks and operations to maximize efficiency.

Automate Routine Transactions
Save time spent on repetitive tasks:
Schedule future transactions on a one-time or periodic basis
Configure transaction triggers when a certain balance is reached
Process Batch Transactions
Maximize efficiency in transaction processing:
Simple one-to-many transaction processing
Execute either manually, via API, or CSV uploads
Simple Backup and Restore
Keep your assets secure and available:
Single backup ensures continual access to assets
Secure multi-party encryption of backup files
Full Oversight & Audit
Inspect all transactions and policy changes:
Detailed logging of all user actions
Delivered in real-time or on-demand via UI, email, and Telegram

you can trust

CYBAVO provides a dedicated authentication app developed specifically to work in tandem with CYBAVO VAULT to ensure the highest level of user security. The multi-factor authentication (MFA) app binds the act of approving a transaction to a known identity.

Security at our Core

CYBAVO implements a defense-in-depth approach to deliver an all-encompassing blockchain security solution—from core technology, to system design, to end-user devices.

Cutting-edge Cryptography
Elimination of single points of failure via Multi-party Computation (MPC)
Unique Shared Risk and Responsibility Model
Full-Stack Protection
Built on a custom-hardened security stack stripped to reduce and remove attack surfaces
Runs in a sandbox environment for full control and 24/7 monitoring
User Identity and Integrity
Unique multi-factor authentication to bind, check, and verify user identity
User and device integrity checks to reduce and detect any system tampering

CYBAVO helps you integrate and build on the blockchain with confidence.

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