CYBAVO announces support for ThunderCore to offer more options to users

Posted on Jan 25, 2022 | BLOG


Since its establishment in 2018, CYBAVO has been actively developing products that can support and adapt to the ever-changing developments in blockchain technology. So far, CYBAVO has helped its customers connect to  more than 50 public chains. To offer an even more comprehensive solution, CYBAVO’s January releases will see its products support five more chains, including ThunderCore, allowing users more options when it comes to transferring assets to exchanges or buying other financial products.

Why ThunderCore? 

ThunderCore (TT chain) is a new generation of blockchain platform that has seen over 291 million total transactions and more than 600,000 active addresses. It uses a consensus protocol, which is open to anyone and does not require special privileges to access. What sets ThunderCore apart is its processing speed: It can process over 4,000 transactions per second, and transaction confirmations can be completed within 1 second. Additionally, the consensus protocol allows any token holder to become a proposer or voter, allowing ThunderCore to maintain the core idea of ​​blockchain decentralization.

In addition to working with CYBAVO, ThunderCore also has many other prominent partners. In 2020, in order to improve the transparency, convenience and security of applications in the field of municipal public services, the Taipei City Government Information Bureau deployed Taipei City’s exclusive blockchain node on the TT chain run by ThunderCore, taking advantage of its high throughput performance high security operation and low handling fees. ThunderCore helped the Taipei City government with performing functional tests such as data upload, backup, and retrieval, and will also help them implement measures to find and verify data, such as broadcasting voting or lottery data on the chain.

In 2022, CYBAVO will continue to integrate with different chains and support more cryptocurrencies and tokens in order to provide the most comprehensive and competitive tool for our users.