CYBAVO launches DefiBOX to help customers connect directly with DeFi

Posted on Sep 27, 2021 | BLOG


CYBAVO announces the launch of DefiBOX on its flagship product, the CYBAVO VAULT. DefiBOX is a tool that allows users to connect and interact directly with the DeFi space, and to make the most of what the DeFi space has to offer. With CYBAVO already supporting Layer 2 and related smart chains including ETH, BSC, HECO, OKT, MATIC, ARB, OP, FTM, CELO, PALM, etc… DefiBOX provides users the opportunity to access any kind of DeFi, to take advantage of any and all opportunities of stable revenue streams.

The DeFi space has been growing at a steady pace. In 2020, the rise of DeFi applications saw the Cryptocurrency market cap reach just under two trillion US Dollars, and it’s just getting started. While CYBAVO’s core mission is to provide the most advanced digital asset custody technology, it also prides itself in providing secure and useful tools that help its customers achieve the greatest operational efficiency and success. That is why it has developed the CYBAVO VAULT.

DefiBOX provides several methods by which users can interact with DeFi: it can be done via manual operations through ABI calls, via API calls to the wallet, or directly through the WalletConnect protocol. DefiBOX also features a Token Allowance List to provide customers with an easy way to manage and deauthorize any DeFi that may be under attack.

With the ability to interact directly with the DeFi space, CYBAVO VAULT users no longer have to transfer their funds to their personal or third-party wallet to connect to DeFi, greatly reducing the chances of ethical or security risks they may be exposed to. Furthermore, DefiBOX operations on the CYBAVO VAULT are also subject to contract rules, to enforce the separation of roles in the system and avoid any possibility of losses due to improper operations. 

If you are interested in learning more about DefiBOX or the CYBAVO VAULT, our team is ready and available to talk to you. Get in touch now!