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Who we are

CYBAVO is a cryptocurrency security company founded by experts from the cryptocurrency and security industries. Together, they accumulate a background of more than 20 years in the security sector.

Our mission

CYBAVO’s mission is to provide cutting­-edge security to the companies managing digital assets. Through our expertise in security and blockchain industries, we aim to empower blockchain companies with business­-ready cryptocurrency wallet managers, secured with the best technology available.

Experts in Cryptocurrency Security

Who we are
Secure key management

Our robust cryptographic scheme protects your cryptocurrency private keys and reduces the risk of key loss by implementing a shared responsibility model. An attacker would need to compromise three different entities in order to be able to access your keys.

Our mission
Security from the ground up

We have designed our solution with security as the main building foundation. Our platform is secured from the operating system and development language level, all the way up to a strong transaction policy enforcement.

Our mission
Experienced team

Our founders, as well as most of our development team members have a strong background and experience in the cybersecurity industry. We are proud to say that cybersecurity is on our company's genetic code.

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Protect your assets from being stolen or lost.

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